The coral clan

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The coral clan

Post by Roseora on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:29 pm

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Characters in the coral clan are up for grabs; if you want to rp as someone here who's not taken, post in the comments!

Maya:{Top left.} The magic sprite who can create a whirlpool in seconds! Calm, quiet and mediative personality.

Dakarr:{Bottom left.} The overly protective knight, secetly in the coral clan without his liege knowing. Fights with a sturdy trident, has a soft spot for cute animals.

Jaden:{Central, left.} The strong, hotheaded one with a sharp temper. Fights with his bare hands, because why not?

Eleni, Stavros and Finn:{Bottom centre.} The ninjas in training, who probably shouldn't be on dangerous missions, and their pet baby dolphin.

Shiela:{Central, right.} Watch out for this sirens deadly claws, and her singing voice can drive any enemy crazy.

Leo:{Right, centre.} A stealthy jokester with rock-hard sharpened nunchucks.

Brianna:{Bottom right.} The daydreaming air-head, ridiculously agile and can strike her spear with deadly accuracy... If she's concentrating.

Ren:{Top right.} Sly, deadly and you'll never hear her coming. Fights for good, but can be a little sadistic. Watch out for her poisoned needles![/i]

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