The Easter Festival 2016

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The Easter Festival 2016

Post by Roseora on Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:52 pm

Lissa reached up to the high tree branch, placing another painted egg there. The forest glade was littered with eggs- all hardboiled and painted beautifully. Thefestival would be starting in just a few minutes, so she quily hid the last egg behind a bush before fluttering off towards the main festival.

It was starting to get busy, with people from all kingdoms gathered here already. She placed her basket down behind the table where Micheal was helping her sell some of her sweet herbs.
"I'm so glad w got a break from the guard for this." He greeted her, his eyes scanning thecrowd to try and find somebody he recognised. From his time travelling and being a southern guard, hed met a lot of people.

He was somewhat hoping that hed get a chance to find the silver fairys egg, but he knew Lissa would also insist on coming, and he knew it was dangerous.
"Lissa, do you want to see the baby griffons?" He asked, knowing shed love that. "I can hold the stall for you." He offered.
"That sounds delihtful!" She said happily, "thankyou!" Before fluttering off towards the village.

"Have fun." He said, waiting till she was out of view before turning to their stall neighbours.
"Hey there, would you mind keeping an eye on our stall?" He asked, the woman nodded with a slightly confused look on her face as Micheal ran off towards the silverfairy group assembally to see if there was a group he could tag along with.

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