Nikola (needs a last name)

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Nikola (needs a last name)

Post by Nikola on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:41 pm

Name: Nikola
Land/Kingdom: Demon lands (guess what we are calling it?)
Appearance: olive colored skin with naturally black nails, she has golden eyes and blue hair. Always has a fedora with a black band on her head, other then that what she liked to wear was a nice shirt, with either shorts or pants depending on if she was going to go exploring or not. Sometimes she wore a jacket too but less often. Will post link when it lets me!
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (according to herself)
Race:dire wolf (I guess may change later)
Other: Only in some areas of the provinces
Personality:Curious, cunning but honest, She always wants to know more and visit anything and everything ancient but knows the way the world works as well as that nothing is free, so uses her hearing and random gaining of money to herself. Though honestly, she can honestly be a bit off setting as well.
She was born near the border of three of the Providences. At the edge of Blazing fields, often called Nerlock. There was a small trade town. Where she quickly learned how much having either information or money can help keep either yourself and/or those you care about safe. So during the time she was growing up, she was the open secret. Where everyone knew if they needed a question answered, then to find here, because while no one could figure out how she got the information. Nikola always seemed to knew everything.

So it was only a natural step for her to end up as a known informant across all of Providences. If you want to employee her for some information, then just send a bird out looking for her. It will find it's way to her.

Her book, her map book, her bag (there is a secret to it), a bag of money, a whistle to call Fakvat, a miniture bag for if she has more than one request, a water skin, and a couple rations.


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