Flix Icetree

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Flix Icetree

Post by Nikola on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:39 pm

Name: Flix Ice tree
Land/Kingdom: West
Appearance:Will post link when it lets me! the lower part is completely gone, so he can never fly again
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Race: A bird only found in the fairy forest (forget what I said she was)
Age: Just a few years younger than Flix
Personality: He is normally pretty kind and protective of those he considers his friends, but he turns mean and aggressive towards hunters.

Like his sister Flora, he was raised in the Fairy forest. Proud of his job, able to keep his home safe from outsiders that mean harm. His shredded wing happened thanks to a hunter that was trying to find his village, in order to take some of the fairies and fairy wings; which are good items in the black market. His wing is a part of the reason he has a seething hatred toward hunters.
He has throwing knives, a longsword, dried meat, a first-aid kit(herbal version), a large container for water, a map of world.


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