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Flora Icetree

Post by Nikola on Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:33 pm

Name: Flora Icetree
Land/Kingdom: West
Appearance: she is a human sized faerie, with autumn orange hair and giant glistening butterfly like wings
Alignment: chaotic good
Name: Just typically called guardian
race: Ancient construct
Age: Unknown
other: People can't just get a construct like this for nothing, me and Rose encountered it in a special area.
Personality: She is kind and does not often fight, choosing instead to help those that need it. Though when forced to fight she can be very vicious, not giving her opponent an chance to attack.

She was born in the forest, though she learned to fly early on. As soon as she could she was zooming from one place to another, soon finding herself in the position of flying through the forest doing errands for her village. Outside of her errands, when she was little didn't see much reason to be constantly flying and walked around. Then one day a couple of years ago, an injured messenger found their way into her village.
The messenger had been in no condition to continue on for a while, so having become the fastest in her village. She had been given the job of deliver the message to its' destination, so she flew as fast as she could. She was dead exhausted once she reached the destination, but had impressed the people their with her speed and somehow ended up becoming a messenger between the whole nation. A couple of years after that, thanks to her kingdom position in the world; she became a official messenger between all of the kingdoms. Using her speed and agility to avoid as much of the fighting that she could. Now she loves flying through a lot of stuff.
Thanks to an adventure at dragon island with Rose. Flora has met and knew The guardian; as a friend and a companion. Sometimes she asks if it is ok, to leave the island unguarded. His only response is that the security measures are one. So no one should be able to enter.
She has a hardwood staff that she has made herself, a satchel to keep anything that she needs in it, a few dried herbs, a couple rolls of bandages, and a pair of earrings made from the feathers of a humming bird. As well as needle and thread for when things need to be patched up.


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