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Roseora Benham

Post by Roseora on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:37 pm

Name: Roseora
Kingdom: South
Appearance: Green skin, brown short and messy hair, hazel eyes and normally wears green. Curvy figure, about 5"8
Image made with rpg creator from Shidabeeda games.:
Alignment: Chaotic good
Jenny is a griffon, that Rose met in the rainforests of the south. She is always protective, and can be called with a loud whistle at a note 'C'. She is very intelligent, and will only obey and protect Rose and her friends. Jenny doesn't know many other griffons, but she is also friends with two called Pine and Thran.
Personality: Dependable, curious, stubborn. Tends to over-think things, can be very creative and inventive, somewhat lacking street-smarts from spending so much of her life in small villages and the wilderness. Quick to draw her sword but hesitant to kill.

Rose was born and raised in a small village in the south kingdom, leading a simple and fairly uneventful life up until near the end of the war, when the village was attacked, in the chaos she lost track of her family and escaped to the rainforests, where she stayed for quite some time, relying on the survival skills taught to her by her father.
By chance one day, she met a group of friends in the rainforest and they went on many adventures together, raiding trolls lairs, learning about the other kingdoms, fighting wild beasts and discovering the location of the last dragon egg.
In a trolls lair, she found a strange sword that seems either magic or cursed, but she doesn't know exactly.
After learning the location of the last dragon egg, they traveled to an island to the south, now named the dragon isle, and fought pirates and a kraken on the way. They found the egg, after which her friends Flora and Jim took it with them to the fairy forest.

After discovering that spies were after the egg, Rose travelled to the fairy forests with some guards from the south, to warn her friends and help them protect the egg. A group of war champions were attacking the fairy forests, and after a fight with the spies in the woods Rose was injured and one of the guards killed, and part of the forest burned to the ground.
After reuniting with her friends, the war champions were defeated and the spies chased away. After her wounds healed, Rose decided she wanted to continue travelling, and having adventures, and was on a quest to visit every kingdom and discover more far away lands.

Sketchbook, Mysterious sword, food rations, first aid supplies, penknife, griffon whistle.

Kaiki boat (currently at port in the south)

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