How to get started

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How to get started

Post by Roseora on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:35 pm

Welcome, new player, to the Lost Kingdoms! The setting is a fairly classic fantasy world, several years after a great war ravaged the four kingdoms. You're free to create your own characters, create your own new islands and lands to discover and go on adventures with other players characters! (or alone, if you want.) Heres a quick guide on how to get started.

If you have never played a text rpg before, it can be pretty daunting and exciting. Theres complete creative freedom, to create and imagine the world however you want, unlike a video game where everythings done for you. Please, read the rules here:

After that, you should read up a little on what has already been created in the world. You can find information on the kingdoms and other lands here:

After you have an idea of the setting, you can now go and make your character! If you're new to rp, its best to start with just one or two characters. After you have your character all written down, you ca go ahead and post their character sheet as a topic in the characters forum! You can find the CS and more info here:

A mod will come and give your sheet the go ahead, within a day, and if after 24 hours nobody has approved your sheet just go ahead and rp. How do you find people to rp with? Well, post in the planning and recruitment forum, with your ideas for a rp, or go and reply to someone else topic there. Or, you can go through the in character threads to find one labelled as "open". This means you're free to post there without asking! Open threads are often events, such as parties or festivals, but sometimes there's just a normal thread that's open! If there's a particular character or player you want to rp with, just ask! Don't be shy, go ahead and PM them! If you're struggling to find someone who's free to rp, ask me or a mod, we are always happy to rp!

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