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Post by Roseora on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:20 pm

So I know we say this rp is pretty free to do what you like, but for the sake of other players we need to set a few rules. Please read them properly, because ignorance is no excuse.

1} Respect all players and staff. This should be common sense. Try to be considerate of everyones feelings, and its best to avoid controversial topics in chat. Please also remember that all our members are from different cultures and backgrounds, and have different things going on in their lives. If someone asks you to stop talking about something because its upsetting them or making them uncomfortable, please respect that and change the topic.

2} Keep swearing and adult content to a minimum. For very explicit scenes in your rp, please put it in a spoiler box, like this:
[spoiler="Mature content"] Insert mature scene here.[/spoiler]
So what counts as mature? Well, overly-detailed gore and sex scenes, just use your best judgement.

3} No powerplaying or godmodding. The definition of this varies from game to game, website to website. Round here, this means no controlling other characters (except in exceptional circumstances, we will get to this later.), no making your character an all-powerful god-like entity that can beat every character, and please, in combat, let the other person decide if their character takes the hit or not. For example, "Rose went to attack."- "Nikola dodged." and not "Rose went to attack, hitting Nikola in the shoulder as she tried to dodge."
So in what circumstances is it acceptable to control someone else's character? Well, if someone hasn't posted in a long time, you're free to move their character out of the way. For example, "Rose had been quiet for a long time, before she spoke up; "I'm sorry guys, I need to go."" There is one other circumstance. Some characters are capable of possessing others. Please, use your best judgement here as to what is acceptable. Give the other player a chance to accept it or not, and don't control them for too long. For example, "The demon snake attempted to possess Rose."- "Rose realised what the snake was about to do, and tried to force him out."
Also, please don't double post in the IC threads.

4} Each character can only be in one place at a time. You can have as many characters as you want, but each of them can only be in one rp at a time.

5} Only commit to things you can follow through. Please don't join a rp if you know you're going to be going away with no internet for a week tomorrow. We understand that things come up and we can't always guess when, but please tell the people you're rping with if possible, and explain or give them permission to move your character.

6} If you discover a new land, please pm a mod or admin for them to add it to the map, and give some basic information about the area. Please understand that other players are free to rp here as well, and create towns, characters ect. here.

7} If you are unsure if something is acceptable or not, use your best judgement or ask someone.

Have fun!

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