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Character graveyard

Post by Roseora on Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:23 am

Okay, so I just realised how many people joined the lost kingdoms, and quit really fast. And how many characters the rest of us have made, and never really used that much. And theres also characters that we just decided to stop using, no matter how important they were for whatever reason.

So here is a list of all those characters, so they will never be forgotten. Feel free to ask for a character to be added or removed from here.

List rules: Only player-controlled characters, and only characers who have been inactive in any rp for a good few months at least, or have died.

Major characters
-Susan, the nice, likeable character that mysteriously dissapeared.
-Kai, the point of the love triangle.
-Jim, just ADORABLE with Flora and Naga.
-Lydia, the insane one.
-Lee, the childish one who was cute with Lydia.
-Ivan, who got annoyed by Lee and Lydia.
-Horace, who also got annoyed by Lee and Lydia.
-Garret, the other insane one, also withinsane power.
-Dent, the strong guy who reminds me of Lennie from of Mice and Men.
-Lars, gotinto countless fights with Rose and it was hilarious.
-David, a spy/assasin? Anyway I totally ahipped him and Lauren.
-Naga, the cutest baby dwagon I just want to huggle and schmuggle....

Minor characters
-The mini fairy
-The sprite dude who almost had Rose fall over a waterfall.
-Minako, the one who had a dark secret that was never revealed.
-Tab Westin, the one who i'm not sure ever, EVER actually posted, even once.
-That guy who never made a cs but posted once anyway.
-Lissa, a fairy whos terrified of flying.
-Micheal, a southern guard.
-Jo, killed in a badass fight scene, such a depressing side plot for Micheal...

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