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~~Zak Otto~~

Post by Roseora on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:14 pm

Name: Zak Otto
Land/Kingdom: South
Appearance: A human who is tall, with tanned skin, bright green eyes and shaggy black hair. Always wears a tatty black cape and carries his bow. http://orig12.deviantart.net/b1f0/f/2015/072/3/e/dragon_spirit_cover_art_by_rhodanthe_roseora-d8ljzrl.jpg
Alignment: Chatoic good
Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, protective and passionate, but also peaceful and doesn't like to resort to violence.

Zak grew up in the same village as Rose, and they were friends as children. One day there was a house fire, and only he and his sister, Melody, escaped with their lives. Going through the wreckage of their house the next morning, they found a pair of their mothers earrings in the drawer, which had a magic healing ability. They each have one, meaning the power can only be used when they're together.
The two of them, being too young to care for themselves, were taken in by Maria Finch and her baby son, Tom, and they became a second family  in a nearby town.
Zak always wanted to travel, but he didn't want to leave Melody, who had a stable job helping at the bakery, while Zak did odd jobs to help the family income, ranging from bodyguarding, helping the town guards, to working on farms and as a gardner.
Rusty shortsword, bow and quiver, faded photo of Melody, healing potion,  book on plants, Mothers earring.  

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