Cynthia the southern queen

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Cynthia the southern queen

Post by Roseora on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:50 pm

Name:Cynthia or Sianna
Appearance: She is a sprite with pale blue skin, black spiked pixie cut, wears silvery satin clothes and a silver necklace that was her mothers.
Alignment: Lawful good
Personality: Kind, responsible, finds it hard to trust people.

She grew up in the palace, waited on by servants, dressed in fine clothes and given everything she wanted. Her father was a corrupt king, and barely saw her. One day, near the end of the war, the people rose up and overthrew the royal family, killing the king, and also her mother, Sianna. Sianna was a very kind, loving woman, who was also a pacifist. Despite her disdain for the kings actions she tried to defend him when he was under attack. Cynthia fled, and the guards and soldiers all turned a blind eye. None of them were ready to murder an innocent 10 year old, despite her royal status.
A stand in was appointed, the leader of the revolution. Despite ruling the kingdom better than his predecessor, he still gave into the temptations and corruption of all that power, and turned violent. He started holding public executions, of anyone who opposed him and those who had committed even minor offences. Unsure how to retake the throne, Cynthia set out on a quest to build up her own small army to overthrow the current king, to take back the throne for her family and to put an end to the tyrany of the previous rulers.
Rusty sabre sword, Siannas necklace, a small amount of money and her old tiara, proving she is princess, but she keeps it hidden.

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