Gerald (Jiggy)

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Gerald (Jiggy)

Post by Nikola on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:24 pm

Name: His real name is Gerald but, only certain members of the royal family and the other servants; when he is in trouble, call him Gerald. Everyone else calls him Jiggy
Land/Kingdom: North
Appearance: He is a little on the short side, with brown hair that never looks like it is combed. As well as eyes that are as green as fresh leaves in the springe
Alignment: Chaotic nuetral
Name: Fluffy
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: White wolf looking dog with an almost mane like fur around her neck and an almost beard like fluff around her head
Sled position: front

Name: Spot
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: A white wolf looking dog with a single black spot on his head
Sled position: Middle left

Name: Snow
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: Completely white with thick fur around her eyes and a sleek body and a fluffy tail
sled position: Front right

Name: Thunder
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: Looks just like Snow, except for a light grey stripe leading down his nose
Sled position: front left

Name: Shadow
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: The only known pure black snow wolf known to exist
Sled position: Middle right

Name: Rawr
Race: Snow wolf-dog
Appearance: Is a white and yellow patterned dog that resembles a wolf
Position: Bottom left

Name: Boots
Race: Snow wolf mutt
Appearance: A white snow wolf mutt with ash covered paws
Position: Bottom right
Personality: While he has a good heart and help anyone who needs it. If it came down to it, he would likely do whatever Lox told him to do.

Before Lox took him in and made him be under his care. Jiggy was nothing more than a street rat that struggled to survive. There is no doubt in Jiggy's mind that if it wasn't for the prince, he wouldn't have made it as long as he has. After proving to the royal family. That he was not only useful, but also trustworthy. They put Jiggy in charge of serving Lox, but also he was to raise and train all of the creatures the castle had for transportation. Both of which Jiggy takes great pride in.
meat scraps for the dog, the clothes on his bag, a couple tins of water, a couple sets of furs, his sled


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