The kingdoms info

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The kingdoms info

Post by Roseora on Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:20 pm

Kingdoms map:
World map:

The kingdoms:
North: The north kingdom is a cold, icy land with a large military and very modern technology for their small population. The north is relatively peaceful for civilians, due to the large military force every public place has very high security.

East: The east is mostly desert and empty wasteland, except for the largest, most sprawling city in the kingdoms.

South: Mostly thick jungle and forest, with a large stretch of idyllic coastline where there's villages and towns.

West: Temperate climate with thick forest, one of the most peaceful kingdoms and home to the fairy forests.

The demon lands:
Central province:
Vernoff province

Sprite: Most common in warmer climates around lots of water. They have gills, and their most recognisable feature is their large ears and bright skin hues such as green and blue. Not as stronger swimmers as mermaids but still competent under water, they can feel at home in sea or on land.

Fairy: Fast and deadly, they vary in size from a few centimetres to as large as an average human. Most commonly found in the west, and they have large, beautiful but very sensitive wings to fly.

Human: Good ol' humans, strong-willed and intelligent. They are the most populous species in the Kingdoms.

Demon: Demons are mysterious, and feared by many of the other races. They possess great strength and strange powers, and many can possess non-demons. They are from a land far to the south of the Kingdoms, and rarely seen in the Kingdoms until recently when demon-hunting was banned by all four kingdoms.

Harpy: Bird-like people, similar to fairies in that they can fly but are slower and stronger. You never want to be hit by the claws. From the far-off demon lands, unheard of in the Kingdoms.

Siren: Similar to sprites, except they look almost-human, with only their gills as a giveaway. They have mysterious powers and can hypnotise people with their voices. Also from the demon lands and rarely seen in the Kingdoms.

Merpeople: Ancestors to the sprites and sirens, still dwell deep under the sea...

Dungeons, groups events, and other interesting things:

Nikola's bestiary:

The coral clan:

Valentines dance
Christmas festival
Easter festival


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